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Who is the real enemy of the state?

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Pakistan is a great blessing from Almighty Allah, it is the responsibility of all of us to strive for its security, development, its good reputation and good reputation throughout the world. In survival we all have survival, in its stability we all have stability. In this honor and good name we all have honor and good name, this homeland is our identity, our home, our peace, our love and devotion. The center is concentrated.

Our tragedy is that negative attitudes are always adopted and highlighted instead of positive. For the sake of the sake of the self-interest, national and national interests are backed up; It doesn't matter if the honor of the nation is getting in the dust, since social media has become commonplace, these attitudes have increased significantly, unprofessional talk, weird talk, bogeys to increase viewership. Reviews and comments have become the standard of our media. All the glory of lies and misinformation in the cycle of increasing traffic to webpages and getting more likes. It is created, no chance of spreading the sensation is allowed to go hand in hand. Little things are presented in the air; in political opposition we are ready to go to any extent, abusive, abusive, abusive. Glitches are very small things, beyond which all boundaries are crossed.

In the near future, in many instances in which many valuable lives were lost on the basis of false propaganda, national security was at stake …… globally the country was notorious, our image was damaged. The public is not confused or up to the level of falsehood, but those who hold important positions often show such irresponsibility and seriousness that it is surprising. Storm based on unverified information, unauthorized things. Is boiled, propagated on the basis of assumptions, and the honor of the party is mixed in the dust.

We have a famous saying that one's stomach is not shown to anyone, so it is also said that home affairs should stay at home. This is the practice in our country regarding our home and caste but in our own homeland. Our attitude towards the world changes drastically. I wish we could begin to understand our home country and our country and change our attitudes, check out some examples.

Do not go too far recently the way a terrorist organization has been tried to convince Ansar-ul-Islam, a Jamaat-e-Islami Islamist organization, is in front of the gentlemen. I am not talking about poles today, but as long as the mood is in the yard, all is well and when the temperament does not come in the yard, these poles take the form of swords. The people themselves say that our case in the FATF has been weakened, so it should be noted that if there is a weakness in knowing someone And even if shown to be careless, instead of beating the media, it should be resolved with the same understanding as the problem at home, but what we do is to solve the problem and not to downplay the other. And get ready to go.

The tragedy of Lal Masjid is in front of us as to how the clash was paved. In fact, night and day, it was beaten that there were foreign fighters in Lal Masjid. There are weapons, so many terrorists. So much so that the propagandists started to mourn when such a great tragedy happened, yet nothing was said about such big losers and false propagandists, based on the video which created the atmosphere of operation in Swat. Allama Abdul Rashid Ghazi Shaheed's vehicle will be recovered in 2004, reports that it is video faked and fake. And then three federal ministers held a press conference, the quantity of arms told could not be contained in a sealed vehicle. Yet the truth was tried to convince the lie, how the state's stand on Kashmir was visible. How is the baseless operation against national policy regarding the Abbottabad operation being carried out, there are many such incidents in which the desire is made news and then we continue to suffer the consequences for years. ..

In our view, those who have no regard for national security, have no concern for the soft image of their homeland, who go so far in their political battles that they have no regard for the self-respect of their opponents nor the traditional values. Yes, those who want to storm the cup are the real enemy of the state. For those who do not even care about the sensitivity of sensitive matters for cheap reputation, it is the personal interest rather than the national interest, that do not consider lying as a sin. The accusations are called professionalism, which reveal the national secrets of the real enemy of the state and to keep watch over such miscreants.

May Allah protect our homeland from all kinds of mischief ...